KaiSol is ideally located in the most sought-after areas and is meant to serve as a getaway for all of our guests, a place where they can come to experience the best hospitality. Therefore, we're always keen on surrounding the resort with lush landscapes and greenery to show our visitors how beneficial a true fresh air environment can be to all parts of life, including improved sleep, physical and mental health, and the overall development of quality of life.

Greener Future


The world's population is growing daily, which leads to an increasing consumption of resources. As a KaiSol initiative, we have placed notes in each of our rooms informing our visitors of the amount of water and detergents used each day in the washing process. Our housekeeping changes sheets and towels only when visitors leave them on the floor. This allows us to conserve resources by not using them needlessly.

Conserving Resources


A "Love Food, Hate Waste" sign that lists the amount of food wasted the previous day and the number of people it could have fed is placed on the entrance of our open buffet restaurant. This raises awareness of the issue of food waste and encourages guests to eat portions that are appropriate for them at a time.

Energy Efficiency


We have reduced the amount of plastic used on KaiSol as much as possible and are switching to better options like acrylic cups and sustainable straws because we understand that plastic does not decompose and must go through a process that is harmful to the environment in order to be disposed of.

Waste Reduction


Since everything without a history would undoubtedly lack a future, we at KaiSol take great care to preserve our heritage in all respects. We purchase all of our cups, centerpieces, and other decorative items locally, made by the people of Egypt.

Supporting Local Communities